Seminars On-Line

We all love photography but sometimes we wonder;

"Can I take that photo?", "Is it legal to take that image?",

"Am I breaking any laws?", "Will I get into trouble?",

"Is it morally or ethically right to take this image?",

"Do I need a model release?",

"What should I have in a model release?",

"What Rights do I have as a photographer?",

"How is my work protected?".

Learn how to read and use a Histogram

Learn White Balance and Colour Temperature.

Learn all about f/stops. Why is it called an f/stop? How to figure out which f/stop is larger or smaller. Learn the proper terms.

Learn all about colour calibration. From how to calibrate the colour in your camera, your monitor,  to calibrating your printer.

if you are not getting the best sharpness out of your lenses, it might be your lens calibration. learn how you can focus calibrate your lenses on some camera models.