Metering Modes

If you are new to photography, or been into photography for a while but are sill not sure what the different metering modes are all about and which one you should be using, then this seminar will help.

I will cover the three major metering modes and explain how they work and when it is best to use them. I will also cover the benefit of using a held held metre.

I will then explain the Ansel Adams Zone System. The Zone System is all about metering and changing your exposure to get the best results. After changing your exposure, post processing (with film it was called developing) will be required.  Ansel Adams called it, "Pushing and Pulling"

*     Metering Modes

*     Hand Held Metre

*     Ansel Adam Zone System

*     Using a Grey Card for Correct Exposure

Prerequisites: Must be comfortable with the camera features

Equipment: Camera, Lenses, Tripod, Memory Card, Fresh Batteries

(This Class is for every Photography level)    

Cost:   $ 10.00   - plus H.S.T.

Class size: Minimum 1 Students

Class size: Maximum 10 Students

1-1.5 hours long

1 Class

Prerequisite for this class:

Photo 101 or equivalent knowledge

What to Bring:

     •     Pen and Paper

Seminar    -    All Photo Courses times are Eastern Standard Time


  Thursday March  16th - 8:00 pm - 9:30 pm


2023 Dates: