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Photoshop is a fantastic tool and a great addition to photography and to a photographer. However, it can be a bit overwhelming for a beginner. Come join our 4 week workshop on Photoshop to learn how to organize your images properly and how to turn your good images into great images

This will be a 6 week Course at 2.5 hours per Class. This will be with professional Instructor Peter Gatt, from Toronto's School of Photography. Minimum of 4 members needed, maximum 10 members.



✴ Introduction to Photoshop

✴ Create Mode

✴ Image Properties

✴ Resizing and cropping

✴ Contrast corrections

✴ Sharpening and blurring

✴ Selection tools

✴ Selective changes

✴ Defogging

✴ Cloning


✴ Overview of file types

✴ Selection tools

✴ Text and text effects

✴ Working with Layers

✴ Merging two photos together.

✴ Creating black and white images

✴ Panorama merging and corrections


✴ Perspective corrections

✴ How to create an Adjustment Layer

✴ Working with a Masking Layer

✴ Levels as an Adjustment Layer

✴ Replacing The Sky

✴ Selective Black & White

✴ Hue and Saturation as an Adjustment Layer

✴ Creative Black and White


✴ Changing Canvas size

✴ Creative effective boarders

✴ Healing Brush

✴ Changing Eye Colour

✴ Whitening Teethes

✴ Reducing Wrinkles

✴ Adding Make-Up

✴ Colourizing Black and white image

Cost: $300.00

This 6 week Course is for the Beginner learning the software for the first time. For the Intermediate user that would like to refresh and learn some new approaches. You must have a laptop with Photoshop CS6 or Higher. You can always download a free trail version.

The Digital Darkroom is the other half of today's active Photographer. Great opportunity to learn how to correct and make your images stand out.

PhotoShop Workshop

Number of Students

2020 Dates:


School of Photography Photoshop Editing Workshop


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