Photo 301

In this 6 week Advanced Photography Workshop, you will in-depth about metering, Ansel Adam Zone System, Advanced Manual Shooting, Nighttime Photography, Off Camera Flash, Balance Fill Flash and Much More

This course is suitable for all D.S.L.R., Mirror-Less and **Advance Point & shoot camera models.

This course is taught through lectures, discussions and assignments. Not suitable for basic point and shoot cameras.

(This Class is for Intermediate - Advance Photographers)    

Cost:   $ 200.00

SPRING SALE: $ 150.00

Class size: Minimum 1 Students

Class size: Maximum 10 Students

12 hours total

6 Classes

2 hours each class approximately

Prerequisite for this class:

Photo 201 or equivalent knowledge

What You'll Need:

     •     D.S.L.R. or Mirrorless Camera & Lenses

     •     Memory Card

     •     Fully Charged Battery

     •     External Flash

     •     Tripod

     •     Notepad and pen or pencil

** Advance Point and Shoot Cameras must have Aperture

priority (A or AV mode), Shutter priority (S or TV Mode) and full Manual Mode (M)

*     Finding your lens’ “Sweet Spot”

*     Using Peter Gatt’s Shutter Speed Formula

*     Colour Balance Fill Flash

*     A.E.L.

*     Camera Metering

*     Ansel Adam Zone System

*     Internal Metering

*     External Metering

*     Using a Grey Card for Correct Exposure

*     Multiple External Flash


Black and White Female Portrait with colour bottle of hair spray - Photographed by Peter Gatt - PHOTO101.CA

Dates: 2024

Times are in Eastern Daylight Time - Canada - U.S.A.

Photo 301 Outline