Photo 101

This is a comprehensive, interactive, LIVE virtual 6 week program that will help you gain more confident about your photography and  gain control of your camera instead of your camera controlling you. You will learn how to navigate through the menus of your camera. You will know which setting is best for the image that you are trying to capture. Now is the time to take your camera out of the “Auto” Mode and see what you are really capable of creating.

This course is suitable for all D.S.L.R., Mirror-Less and **Advance Point & shoot camera models.

This course is taught through lectures, discussions and assignments.

Not suitable for basic point and shoot cameras.

(This Class is for Beginners-Intermediate Photographers)    

Cost:   $ 200.00

SPRING SALE: $ 150.00

Class size: Minimum 1 Students

Class size: Maximum 10 Students

12 hours total

6 Classes

2 hours each class approximately

Prerequisite for this class:


What You'll Need:

     •     D.S.L.R., Mirrorless or Advance P&S Camera & Lenses

     •     Memory Card

     •     Fully Charged Battery

     •     Notepad and pen or pencil

** Advance Point and Shoot Cameras must have Aperture priority (A or AV mode) and Shutter priority (S or TV Mode)

Macro, close-up of daisy flower - Photographed by Peter Gatt - PHOTO101.CA

Photo 101 Outline

✴      How to hold your camera properly

✴      A closer look at Auto Focusing

✴      Resolution

✴      Pixel Dimension

✴      Compression

✴      Printing

✴      Program Mode

✴      Aperture

✴      Depth of Field

✴      Portrait  

✴      Landscape

✴      Lenses

✴      Shutter speeds

✴      Sports

✴      Panning

✴      Built-in Flash

✴      White Balance

✴      Custom White Balance

✴      Filters

✴      Tripods

✴      Lighting

✴      Composition

✴      Camera Accessories

✴      Camera Care


Dates: 2024

Times are in Eastern Daylight Time - Canada - U.S.A.